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    Processing Times & Shipping


    The items you order are carefully selected to provide you with good quality products. 

    Note that when you place an order with us, that order goes through two separate processes.

     1)The administrative process of your order: this process might take 3 up to 7 days. During this time we check that the payment method used, in the case of credit card payments for instance, there are not fraudulent components and that the payment is made legally and correctly.

    After the order has completed that step and reviewed, it goes on to the

    2) Shipping Process: The order is transmitted to the corresponding warehouse and then shipped out to you to arrive in two (2) up to four (4) weeks depending on your location, the type of shipping service you have selected at check out time and where our products are shipped from.

    Please note that some of the products could be shipped from our warehouses in USA, Canada, Europe or Asia locations. Once your item is shipped out from our warehouses, you will receive an email with your tracking information which will allow you to know the approximate date of delivery to your address.

    We aim to please you as a consumer by bringing you the newest made products in the fashion industry. We value you as a customer and vow to provide you with the latest trends fresh off the manufacturing line. We appreciate your order and look forward to doing business with you again. Any further questions or concerns you may have, feel free to email us to or call us toll free to 1-800-717-6351.

    For RETURNS/REFUNDS please refer to the corresponding Policy here:

    Note that we do not cancel orders once the shipping process has been initiated. We do not cancel orders by phone message. If you wish to cancel the order please send us an email to the above email address with the subject: "URGENT- Cancel order #(input your order number)". We will reply and let you know if cancellation at the time you request is possible. If it's not, after you receive the product, we can initiate the process of RETURN/REFUND. 

    We do not cancel orders by requests made to our general mailbox ( as those emails can take too long to be reviewed due to the numerous amount of emails we receive there each day. If you have any inquiries regarding an order please use the email or the chat widget on our main page. Thank you!