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    Lunar New Year Shipping Delays

    Silvia Sarah Steinmetz

    Lunar New Year Shipping Delays

    Lunar New Year is here and is the most important holiday observed overseas. During this time, the overseas supply chain and shipping will be interrupted. Our goal is to make the impact as minimal as possible for our customers and we ask for your understanding during this time.

    Below are some important dates to note.
    Pause shipping:*
    • January 4 - 4% of overseas products will pause shipping
    • January 13 to 19 - 98% of overseas products will pause shipping.
    • January 20 to 28 - No processing or shipping on overseas orders
    Resume shipping:
    • January 29 - 56% overseas products will resume processing, but may initially experience some delay due to order backlog
    • February 6 - 96% overseas products will resume normal delivery
    • February 10 - 100% overseas products will resume normal delivery

    Based on last year's data, China orders could experience a delay of up to 10 calendar days however this year that estimate could be increased to 10-15 calendar days due to COVID outbreaks and the Zero-COVID China Government's Policy which delay warehouses operations. Note that US orders placed between December 15 to January 15 could also experience a delay of up to 3-5 calendar days due to the normal holiday rush, and weather conditions. 

    *Please note that these are estimates based on previous years' data regarding Holiday shipping delays from US couriers. You can also check FedEx and USPS regarding Holiday shipping. The delays are calendar days and not business days. If you are outside of the US, please check with your own Country's postal service.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our amazing Customer Support staff at