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    Men's Fashion Tendencies Fall - Winter 2021/2022 - Pantone Colors

    Melina Espinosa 2021 2022 Autumn Colors Colours Fall Fashion Fashion trends Men Pantone Tendencies Trends Winter

    Hi Everyone! As we saw in my previous article, I shared with you about the colors that Pantone presented and the tendencies that are inspired by them, but we only covered the trends for women leaving the guys out! We can't do that, can we? Of course not! They also deserve to have their place in this blog, so that's why I'm dedicating this article to them, so they also take their part in fashion world. 

    I mentioned in that article also that I am now collaborating with Frimunt Clothing Co. and very happily so! They have all kinds of outfits for women and men, including shoes and accessories; I invite you all to take a look at their products that look really "INCREDIBLE"! Thus, each outfit I show you here will have its link underneath so you can check it out at

    Having said this, and in case you didn't read my previous blog post where I tell you about the colors that will be in tendency for this coming Fall - Winter Season, I'm leaving here the link: 

    I want to make clear that these colors are applicable to all genders, you decide how to wear them on and how to adapt them to your personality, what is important is to feel comfortable and fashionable in them!. I'll see you again soon!!!  Melina Espinosa - (



















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