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    Pantone Fall-Winter 2021/2022 Tendencies.

    Melina Espinosa

    Hi everyone! Great to be back! Today I’m bringing you an article I’ve been wanting to write, but this has a touch of ‘something special’ that happened to me and I want to share with you all! I’m joining Frimunt Clothing Co. which is a great retailer of trendy clothes for women and men, based in USA and Canada.

    They recently approached me because they want to be on top of everything related to fashion trends and styles to bring the best to their customers, and I accepted to work with them. As you can see, I’m very excited about that so I’ll be sharing with you many of their products along this article, and I hope you enjoy reading the blog, as much as checking their outfits out! Thank you for being here with me as I start this journey, and here we go! 

    -As we see each year, Pantone present their color pallets which will mark tendency and will make the best interior and fashion designers in the world to get inspired tor their glorious creations. 

    This year chosen colors by Pantone are: Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating and Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray. What do these colors want to relate to us? A message of Happiness and Strength. 

    Although for many color pallets are not important, I want you to know that for others they define the parameters that will set tendency during the following season, and if you are one of those women who want to be IN fashion, then I ask you not to leave this article aside, because I will show you what will be in style the coming Fall/Winter Season. 

    Among the already mentioned ‘Illuminating’ and ‘Ultimate Gray’ colors, a bunch of other great colors are added: 

    Mikonos Blue        18-0647 TCX (Mediterranean Blue) 
    Leprechaun            17-5104 (Forest Green) 
    Fuchsia Fedora      18-4434 TCX (Fuchsia Pink) 
    Pale Rosette          13-1716 TCX (Pale Pink) 
    Adobe                   17-1340 TCX (Brown) 
    Fire Whirl             18-1453 TCX (Brick Red) 
    Spring Lake          18-4221 TCX (Steel Blue) 
    Root Beer             19-1228 TCX (Mid Redish Brown) 
    Coconut Cream    11-1007 (Creamy Off White) 

    And last but not least, I’ll show you some outfits inspired on all the colors I listed above! I hope you like them and dare to try them, always of course, adding your personal touch of style to them to make them YOURS! The way that LOOKATME by Melina likes! Because there’s nothing better than You being Yourself! 

    Take care, and I hope to hear from you! ‘Till next time! :) 

    Pantone Color Fuchsia Fedora
    More Ways To Add This Beautiful Color:
    Fuchsia Women's PantsFuchsia Women's Long Coats
    Pantone Color Pale Rosette

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    Pantone Color Mykonos Blue
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    Pantone Leprechaun Green Color
    Or Wear It Like This: Blog Woman Wearing Green Top And Pants Blog Woman Wearing Turtleneck Green Sweater And Green Trousers Blog Woman Wearing Fuchsia Top And Green Pants
    Pantone Coconut Cream Color
    Other Suggestions: Blog Woman Wearing Off White Vest And Blog Woman Wearing Off White OvercoatWoman Wearing Cream Colour Pants, Top And Long Coat Monochrome Outfit
    Pantone Illuminating Yellow Color Blog Woman Wearing Long Yellow Robe Over Yellow Shirt And Wide Leg White Blog Woman Wearing Yellow Blazer, Gray Pants And Yellow Blog Woman Walking On The Sidewalk Wearing Yellow Monochrome Jacket And Pants Suit
     Pantone Fire Whirl Color Blog Woman Wearing Pantone Fire Whirl Red Overcoat And Blog Suggested Uses of Pantone Fire Whirl Red Color, Woman Wearing Jumpsuit, Microbag, Handbag, Sweater, High Heel Pumps.
    Pantone Ultimate Gray Color
    More suggested uses of the color: Blog Woman Wearing Light Gray Sweater, Dark Gray Pants And Medium Gray Blog Woman Wearing Medium Gray Blazer Over White Top and Light Gray Sweat Blog Woman Wearing Medium Light Gray Long Coat over White Sweater and Black Pants with White Sneakers, Black Beanie Hat and Black Blog Young Woman Wearing Medium Gray Long Coat Over Monochrome Tracking Suit in Light Gray with Black Sneakers, Gray Beanie Hat And Bag




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